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We matched!!

He was marines of US, and we matched!!

Thank you

My husband and I met on this site four years ago all by accident. We both didn't have the upgrade and tried so hard to talk to each other without paying for it that we started sending each other a few numbers of our phone number until we got all 10 numbers. The numbers didnt come in order, so I took what I knew about him like where he was from and figures out the area code and texted different numbers until I got the right one. We never stopped talking since that day. We now have two beautiful baby boys and couldn't be happier. 

Thank you Militarycupid

Found the man of my dreams SPC Garcia

Thank you

My name is Daisy I joined this website thinking I could fined someone to talk to. My heart has been broken before so I had little to know hope of finding someone. My dream of A perfect half had vanished, so I decided to wink at people that I thought were attractive, little did I know that one of them would be the one. We started to click since the first conversation, we were so alike it was unbelievable. We started talking everyday, seeing the sunrise every morning. He lived in New York, I live in California, each on opposite sides of the United States. We decided to meet and it was all true, he was real, and our love grows each day stronger and stronger. Know we decided to move it together. We are planning on building a future together. I found my perfect half. My name is Henry I joined this website not knowing what to expect. I was at a point in my life were I was feeling lonely and hopeless. Little did I know that I was going to find my better half, that person that I was looking for and hoping for. I never thought something so perfect could exist, that was actually meant for me. It has gotten to the point where words are not enough and actions are not enough to explain the level of feelings and love that meeting Daisy has brought to my life. I never thought that I could reach this level of happiness, I never thought that I could reach this level of sureness until know. I can truly say that meeting Daisy has made me the happiest man alive and has changed my views in life that I can truly say that I will cherish forever and ever and ever. 

Planning our wedding

I was really skeptical about this site, but decided to give it a try...I mean, what did I have to lose by trying, right? After less than 1 month of being on the site, I began chatting with a very handsome, sweet, polite man. We have been together for quite sometime and are now planning our wedding.

Thank you for helping us cross paths and become happy!!

Dear Military Cupid team, I just wanted to pass on my thanks to your site for helping me to meet someone I truly love. We now have over a year together and going very strong! Thank you for helping us cross paths and become happy!! I'm glad to have been a member.