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i found an awesome beautiful sexy women

i found an awesome beautiful sexy women. She is the one for me and i owe it all to this site. Thank u very much i hope everybody else can find some one on here as well.

We are to be married this June and we could not be happier

I met Maribel on this site and within days we both knew that it was meant to be. We are to be married this June and we could not be happier. We are both so ready to start our new lives together and start a happy family. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful woman into my life.

We fell in love right away

I had been on MilitaryCupid for about 2 days when I met my fiancée Micah. We fell in love right away. He's currently in Afghanistan but we will be getting married in June. He returns in April...I love him with all my heart and I couldn't have asked for a better husband.

Muy buena

Conocí por Colombiacupid tuvimos química y el vino a Colombia A las orillas del mar con una cena romántica Muy buena

I found TRUE LOVE!

I found TRUE LOVE ! Didn't take a whole lot of time for me to find Mr. RIGHT. So Happy to have come across this site for if it wasn't for this i would have never found my TRUE LOVE. Thank you Guys for creating this website it means a lot to me. For those who are on this site don't give up hope she/he is out there. He/She probably searching and browsing on your page right now. Good luck! 

We got married on Feb

If it weren't for this site, I wouldn't be married to the most amazing man in the world. I started on this site just out of curiousity and I met my soulmate. We got married on Feb. 15th and in a month I will be moving to hawaii to be with him. I am so excited for my new life to begin and it wouldn't be possible without!