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41 Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
Marital Status: Divorced
New.....This is what I need. I need that one female...one gal. I don't need to be desired by thousands or hundreds or even ten. Just one. Just need that one gal that will be blown away by me. One gal that will always be my best friend. However...After dating for the past year I have come to the conclusion that some females just either don't get the concept of a hell of a man, or just don't know what ya want. So here's what ya need to do find out what your love languages are. I know what mine are and you should too...its only going to help your significant other or future significant other show you love. There's five ways and if ya don't know what your love languages are then you ladies need to google it. Be real...don't play the field....Find that one dude that catches your eye and focus on him and let him blow your mind. Let him get close to you..let him make you laugh and let him show you with his actions rather than words. Focus on him....don't focus on trying to date more than one dude at a time...it takes your focus away and you end up being single longer than you want to be and then you complain about it...or maybe ya don't mind. Don't worry if you concentrate on the right guy then I can assure you he will amaze you..kinda like the song. He will take your breath away..also like the song. Don't be hung up on your ex..or your past. Nobody likes being compared to an ex and nobody likes hearing about your ex. Don't fall in love with your rebound either...it will never work. Don't fall for someone for the wrong reasons...fall for someone for all the right reasons. When he catches your eye..tell him he's awesome and thank him. Be good to him. Treat him great. Make him laugh...and I promise you he will take your breath away and he will adore you with amazement. Update 24 May 2014.........Well after a couple different jobs, a short career with the railroad and plenty of headaches looking for work after Army life I have chosen to take a job offer in Wilmington, Ohio working on airplanes so right now I'm not really sure what i want in a relationship so i suppose I'm looking for a good group of gals to be friends with in the Wilmington area. Show me around and enjoy my move to southern part of Ohio. Hello Ladies...well crap where to start...Well I have recently got out of the Army and picked up my second career. I work for the railroad..hell every kids childhood job is driving a train. Wooohoo!!!! Definitely enjoy every single second of it and the pay is unbelievably good. Definitely looking forward to retirement pay. Its way better than the Army. So I'm looking for my other half that's going to be my rock beyond railroad retirement. I promise you we won't have to worry about cash and will live pretty dam good now and 20 years from now. So why did i mention that? Well i have read many profiles and seems like you ladies want a few things....someone that has their priorities straight..someone that has a job, car, and a license. You ladies also are looking for someone that can make you laugh..someone you can be yourself with..a guy that can be your best friend and a guy that will treat you better than you have ever been treated. Well yes ma'am I'm that guy. Laughter is a big big thing for me and treating you with an entire amount of respect are a couple of my priorities to you. You are the priority and if you have kids they will be my priority too. If you don't have kids but want some or one...well I'm great with that. Its all about making you feel number one always. I'm not perfect nor are you but I'm sure we will be a perfect fit...I don't have a "type" of woman...just one that's going to be good to me and loves me for me and will accept my faults along with my positives. All i need is for you to treat me good and i will treat you absolutely great!!! I'm looking for obviously a long long term relationship. I don't play games and I'm not going to f around. If you are not near me then hopefully we can make it work and figure out moving near each other. I can help with the cost. Humm what else.....Oh yeah...I'm super super affectionate. I'm a big cuddler. Im ok with cuddling up on the couch watching a woman's show on tv...just as long as I'm doing it next to my lady and running my fingers through her hair. I don't care much for arguments so more than likely you are always going to win. I'm not a push over either if i feel strongly about something then i will express my opinions and thoughts but otherwise nah I'm cool with just saying " yes honey or ok dear" I aim to please. I'm confident in my looks, personality, humor and certainly confident in the way you ladies want to be treated. Yeah i have those little things called values and morals, and a little skill called treat her properly. I'm a good dude....so now what are you waiting on? Swooop me up before someone else does and let me wooo you!!!! Oh My name is Mark and its gonna be great talking to you and meeting you!!!
35 Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
Marital Status: Divorced



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