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52 Valledupar, Cesar, Colombia
Seeking: Female 25 - 38
I am CHILEAN resident in COLOMBIA, first I am an excellent human and correct, Chilean Army Officer in retirement and Master in Logistics and Operations in Supply Chain, currently aspiring for a PhD in Logistics, I like to cook and I do very well, I like animals, I like to eat a good job. i like to do housework and take care of my partner, things that i can do today and that i could not before. Today I have the time to be very dedicated to my partner, I am very attentive, detailed, affectionate and very passionate. If I have a partner I do not like to go out alone or with friends, I enjoy to the fullest being with her, I value every moment that we can give ourselves both, because in life I have earned to be able to do that and I am willing to do it with whoever we have the same intention; I do not like the dynamic of exchanging messages with other women, also has full access to my cell phone and Whatsapp, for me that she does it is not something bad, it is just the normal concern of a woman who takes care of her man, so if i see her doing exploration on my phone, smile and do not suffer, i do not have to do it, does it who sleeps with me and surrenders to me nobly, so i apply the concept that says that he who does nothing fears and less hides, i ask for the same thing. First it is IMPORTANT to know if there is an attraction based on the external, because let’s be honest, everything comes in through sight. Second, the conditions of the person in his quality as such are still seen and whether it is fit for both impeccable. Third, one must also see in a relationship the part of intimacy, that really both I toward her and she toward me produce that spark of need to love, feel and possess her partner, no matter the time or place, if we are already a couple, we must live with desire and enjoy, respecting that complement of life, but giving it all the love, energy and desire for it. ( They say here in Colombia....What is not fixed in cama....no is fixed, so let's not be prickly and enjoy each other, because GOD for something gave us the feeling of pleasure and taste, so well directed and with the right person that's a heaven) I think a relationship to cement it well is like when you buy a house that already has something built....... I want to build on it, of course!, but I must know the plans and how it was configured from the beginning, that is to know how it was their mixture and how they incorporated it into their foundations of life, therefore in a mature, serious and transparent relationship, WITHOUT SHAME, I think both parties should know the life of the person with whom one is going to sleep and so when putting the head on the pillow know both who is who and in a fraternal embrace and love support each other....... IT IS LIKE BUILDING SOMETHING NEW TOGETHER, IT IS LOYAL, NOBLE AND UPRIGHT TO BE SINCERE EVEN SO THERE EXISTS SOME PAST THAT IS TORTUOUS, FOR THAT IS THE COUPLE WHO SERVES AS THERAPIST AND SUPPORTS, AS LONG AS THINGS ARE NOT HIDDEN FROM THE BEGINNING. I STRONGLY VALUE THOSE WHO ARE BRAVE AND DETERMINED. Conclusion: To build something between two people both must know without cloaks and lies or "involuntary" omissions as they were, how they are and how they pretend to be as people in pursuit of a home and relationship of couple. I am not looking for anyone to be my ATM, or to take me around the world, because it is super easy to look for that with someone else's money and that has not sweated, neither am I looking for someone with such or that academic level, one is looking for a normal person, well, it is not better that one has this academic preparation or another, education is not always inherent in academic preparation, i clarify that because one is not impressed by these details. I am the type that is already in a life instance that can integrate with your partner in a common project, either life or another. I repeat that I do not seek to collect contacts, because I do not need to fill spaces, I do not need to feel validated as a man and receive messages to the cell phone of girls or in Social Networks, I am a balanced person and with the madness necessary to live an intense and well life with your partner, i like to laugh, i like to share with appropriate friends, joke in the right and prudent measure, i like to have morals high and be positive, i respect a lot to the wife of the neighbor, life is lived once and if you can do it well. A hug and respect to all.