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For some women, dating a military guy is akin to the fantasy or fairytale notion of the knight in shining armor and the damsel in distress. In reality though just what is it like to date a man in the military. For the most part it’s like every other relationship with its ups and downs however one has to factor in the fact that almost all military relationships are in fact long distance relationships.

For some women, dating a military guy is akin to the fantasy or fairytale notion of the knight in shining armor and the damsel in distress. In reality though just what is it like to date a man in the military. For the most part it’s like every other relationship with its ups and downs however one has to factor in the fact that almost all military relationships are in fact long distance relationships.

These kind of relationships come with their own set of challenges however there are very many reasons why a military man would be your perfect knight in shining armor. Below, we give you a list of these reasons:


  1. He has principles – There is nothing more romantic than a man who chooses to fight for the love of his country. The fact that a military man chooses to put his need to protect the freedoms and ideals of his country’s citizens over his own needs as an individual is really worth admiring. It shows that he has strong ideals, he believes in them and is willing to do anything for these principles.

  2. He takes good care of himself – For a military man his physical shape and fitness levels are very important. These two attributes can make the difference between life and death when in combat. It also makes them quite the lookers with their hot bodies. The military uniform does amp up the sex appeal of a military man. Don’t be surprised if a fitness routine is one of your ways to bond as a couple, they take keeping fit seriously and works well for you too.

  3. Efficiency – Now this may sound like a military term however military men are known to be highly efficient, clean and well organized. They are also great problem solvers and very decisive. All these are skills they have picked up from boot camp and the barracks and it sure is handy having a man who knows his stuff. Once you are a couple you won’t have to worry too much about decision making as your man is sure to step up to the plate.

  4. Old school charm – Every girl loves handwritten love notes and letters that encompass a loved one’s yearning for them. Even with all the technology sometimes your military man may be in an area where there is limited communication and thus he can only put pen to paper and communicate his loving thoughts. He is also appreciative. He understands just what it is like to go without the love of his devoted woman. Be sure once he comes back he will be aiming to show you just how much he appreciates you standing by him through the distance.

  5. He values respect – The military is all about respect. Respect for your superiors, respect for your comrades and respect for those who went before. True to form your military man will carry forward this trait into civilian life, not only respect for you but also for strangers. This element of respect makes a military man very polite and courteous.

  6. He is good at long distance relationships (LDRs) – The longer he has been in the military and actively dating the more he has experience with such relationships. These relationships arise out of situations such as deployment and living on base which can take anything from a few weeks to a few years. As such, a military man learns a few tips and tricks on how to keep the fire burning through all the distance.

  7. He is mature – Maturity in the military is not only in terms of age but also thought process and decision making. Having been trained to prepare for unfamiliar and hostile situations brings about a certain maturity in a military man. It also creates their independence. Most military men normally have their finances in order, a home and a car so are pretty ahead of most of their peers by the time they choose to settle down and know where their priorities lie.


With all these reasons, one would be hard pressed to not start searching for their military love. It could be just the kind of relationship to get your love life moving. Our men in uniform deserve love and support for the great work they do protecting our country, our freedoms and our ideals. Salute to the military man!


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28 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Hello World!!! I AM NOT APART OF ANY MILITARY BRANCH! My name is Giovanni aka Gio I am 27 years old I currently live in Washington, DC I just got out of a horrible damn 11 month marriage we are 100% divorced with zero drama in the absolute divorce. I am a Harvard University Grad 2013 with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and my concentration was Info/Internet work-Intelligence. I graduated with a 4.9 but outside of that I do love to cook and bake also I love computers anything related to software or hardware or programming is amazing to me. I do not have kids I’m on BC searching for a woman who’s ready to settle down and get married sooner than never and I also want kids let me be clear when i say be i want kids women tend to run for the border lol but seriously i would love to either have kids the natural way or i can use a surrogate and or foster care and or adoption agency to me there's no difference whether natural or using an agency that child is yours that’s it no friends or hang out buddies! If you are interested please message me now! My Motto: a girlfriend is a potential wife if you ask me. Relationships are investments not hobbies. Yes, I know I have a lengthy profile. I like to be upfront with whom I am and what I'm about.: ) I'd like to meet that someone who has morals, values, respect and integrity and knows how to live a little. I'm really good at laughing. I love to laugh. And I've had decades of practice. I'm also pretty good at listening. I'm never too busy to listen to things that are on the minds of people that are around me. So if you're a talker, perfect!: ) How I wish you could see the potential, the potential of you and me FYI: “It is no good pretending that any relationship has a future if you’re not willing to put in the time, effort and work no relationship can fully run on auto pilot a real relationship should be taken as serious as your hair choices from the beauty supply store. I take finding the best woman for me serious so if you are looking for someone real and someone serious then I am the man for you. Someone with a good sense of humor and able to engage in good conversation about anything. I can literally have a conversation about anything. Try me.: ) If you have checked out my profile more than twice I would just say hello. I follow the same rule. You won't find anyone like me. Anyways, enough about me. What about you?: ) I am opinionated, strong, decisive, educated, and knowledgeable and I love to learn. I'm sweet, caring, generous, affectionate, loving, sensual, and compassionate and I'm usually the person people call for advice, because I try to be empathetic, objective, and understanding. Most of people I hold close to me are married, so I believe in love. I believe in being romantic and living out all of those fantasies of what romance looks like in movies. But it requires a partner to love, someone worthy of that love, and I currently don't have that in my life. So, where are you? :) To the one I fall for: I will surprise you. I will make you smile and laugh every day. I will encourage and support you. I will listen to you. I will seduce you (probably to music). I will show you things you've never seen. I will treat you right (probably the best). I will always be touching you in some way. I will make you feel loved I will write you^^-- you should have picked up on that ;) If somehow you made it this far and you think we are a fit, stop reading, start writing me so we can get off this site and be out doing something fun together :) Let’s go! You should message me if: Keep in mind- I'm not that guy who is rushing to get into a relationship just for the sake of it; that is the wrong focus and will make you settle with whomever. It should be the byproduct of getting to know someone you truly (not just kind of) like. I entertain the idea but it should happen only if it's right. Meaning that if I do get into one, it's only because we are genuinely into each other. So don't get thrown off by the below. Now, with that being said, you should message me if… 1-You're looking to spend quality time with a real person. To be VERY clear: I'm NOT on MC to make friends. So if you're going to hit me with that, kick rocks :) 2- You know what you want. 3- You subscribe to the belief that if we met and EVENTUALLY liked each other enough, I should shut down my Open Minded account. I'd expect you to do the same (we're talking a few months). 4-You communicate. People do grow apart or sometimes don't grow together at all. However, I've met people who just disappear (only maybe twice my whole life- but I should still mention it). That isn't cool. If we aren't compatible or there is no longer interest, we should communicate it and part ways amicably. That way, there's no wondering. All egos aside, that messes with people, no matter who it is. I'm looking to date, as this is a dating site, right? One thing to know about me is that I will not chase you- on or offline. I have a great deal of self-respect and I'm perfectly fine being alone; I'm just choosing to date. I am like this in all of my relationships, not just romantic. I think reciprocity is very important. If you don't show interest, I shut down, period. I don't feel it's worth running after someone who won't show that they're willing to put forth the same effort. Also, I have zero tolerance for games. Zero. If you don't believe any of this, try it out. I hold true to these things every single time...been that way since I was a teenager. Let's act our ages here, shall we? That isn’t too much to ask. I know this is a lot to read through, but I think it's quite simple. After all, I have to be clear so that you know what to expect. Just helps to weed out the not interested women.
57 Denver, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 54 - 64