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65 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, United States
Seeking: Female 42 - 57
I'm very serious about finding a wife to live with me in the US. So, if you want to meet me you must be seriously looking for a husband and want to live where I live in the US. I'm looking for my queen and since I'm a very giving man, I will make her the happiest woman on earth. In return, she will treat me as her king. I am kind, generous, compassionate, understanding, strong, protective, chivalrous and I'll support you intellectually and emotionally when we are together in the US. But a woman who demands flowers, gifts or money before we meet and while you are still in your country is not what I'm looking for. That certainly doesn't make me greedy because good relationships that last are based on love and devotion, not material things. Also, some women stupidly expect a man to immediately fly to meet them before knowing anything about them or discussing core values and expectations. I'm much too wise for that. I've travelled to several Slavic countries to meet women without knowing them well and it was a mistake that I won't make again. After video chatting for a while and resolving all "deal-breakers," then I'll travel to meet you. Make no mistake, I'm very serious about finding a wife, but just as serious about doing it wisely. I will pay for all dating expenses unless we have to travel to meet each other, but that doesn't include "shopping," or gifts, only food, taxi and other normal dating expenses. I won't financially support you while we're apart, or buy you gifts, flowers or give you money. When we marry and live in US you will be treated like a queen and will live a life of luxury and travel. This is the way US, European, Asian and Latin American women understand relationships to be. Those looking for a "generous Sugar Daddy" need not apply. I'm retired and looking for a lady with either no children, or adult children to live with me here in Sagle Idaho, USA. I live in the country on a dirt road in a very nice home on a lake. It's a 35 minute drive to the nearest small town of 7,000, Sandpoint, Idaho 83860 USA. So, city women may not be happy here. As you can see, I'm very honest and hide nothing. You need to be the same. Also, I'm allergic to cats and can't live with them. I have two grown sons working in the Washington, DC so I don't want more children. I'm generous but our relationship must be love first. I love dogs so my woman must at least like them.
33 Marietta, Georgia, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 99
35 Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Seeking: Female 28 - 36
 It would seem that talking about one self is difficult to start so Im just going to Jump right in. Im currently in the Military. Im a Military Policeman. I have been enlisted for 6 years now. I can't say at this time if I will go the 20 year distance yet or not. As a civilian I work as Government Cop contracted through a private Police /security agency. I have done a little over 2 years in college and 3 years in military Schooling. Career wise and in most everything I strive to be the best. I push myself to the limits and if i cant get it right the first time I keep trying until i succeed. I'm a pretty laid back but moderately outgoing type of guy. I'm shy in large groups but I warm up really fast. I guess occupational training has taught me to be cautious at first. I love the outdoors. Everything from Running, Hiking, Shooting, Camping, Fishing, Biking, Paintball, horseback riding, Rock climbing. I love going to the mountains. I want to travel maybe go see Europe and parts of Asia but I know that traveling is no fun if you cant do it with someone special and share the great places with them. I am not an alcoholic but i can hold more than most thanks to my Irish genes :) Im not a big party guy. But I do enjoy going out to the bar with friends maybe an Irish pub or just to go watch the MMA fights. Finding someone to enjoy that with would be nice. I like to work out and stay healthy and in shape. So a running/gym partner is always a bonus. Someone that can motivate me as well as I can motivate her. I have an interesting style of humor, some of it is funny, dry and crude and the military has corrupted me into swearing more than im use to. But you need to know I mean no harm and when need be I have the highest respect for people and their opinions and feelings. I can be a bit of a romantic. I like to cook for my woman but I really enjoy cooking together, I like action and sci-fi movies but can survive a chick flick from time to time and I wont lie I sometimes like them. But to keep my man hood in check i have to follow it up with a man flick lol. I am all for candle lit dinners by the water and sending roses for no real reason. Or just setting up a relaxing day just for her like a day at the spa or a home made spa ending with a nice movie or tv show on the couch. Cheesy? yea it happens. Im also not like your typical guy. I actually dont mind shopping for and with my woman. I dont complain and sigh from boredom when we go. The way I see it is I get to spend time with my woman and give her a guys advice on if she is smoking hot or if she just should never pick that up again. lol. I like to spoil her a bit make her feel like the only one in the world. I would gladly pass up time with anything else to show her that she means more because i love the intoxication i get from being around happiness. I hope she feels the same. Im looking for a best friend as well as a partner because I feel that if you have both you have found yourself a solid relationship. One built to last. I believe that Honesty, trust, compassion, communication and loyalty are the pillars to the foundation of a great relationship. I would like my women to be able to talk to me about anything like i was her best friend and know that if she need it I would give her the best advice I could give based on HER happiness. Not always mine. That's where my level of honesty comes in. I need her to have a good head on her shoulders, stable financially and career wise. I need her to know when to be serious and when its time to play. Like I said before I am not a big partier but I dont mind hosting a few friends. I definitely dont mind going out and having a good time on the weekends just not EVERY weekend. So i dont want a girl that is too shy to be social. I can't stand a woman that is excessively shy. I would like a woman that can take charge sometimes when needed. Because I'm not always gonna be there for her ( Military). I am a man who stands up for what he believes in and I will stand up for her as well. 2013 AUG- UPDATE: I have just gotten home from a deployment and I am just now getting back into dating. I do seem to be a little rusty and I am still working on turning down the dials on my assertive "leader" style mentality. I can come across a little abrasive. Please don't be offended or judge me because of that. It can be difficult to flip a switch from 500 mph to 2 mph. Because of my experience over seas I have noticed that I tend to be a little more alert, and uncomfortable in large crowds. 4th of July was not a easy day for me so soon after returning home. But these are all things that was expected. And will calm down with time. But I felt the need to forewarn. No I don't have any major PTSD. So need not worry there. The point here is that I have noticed I'm not very good at knowing what there is to do around here, say for dates or whatever. Finally if you do drugs or cant hold a intelligent conversation without talking like your uneducated. If you don't know the difference between there, their and they're Dont bother writing me. And please don't just send me a email that simply says " hey, what's up?" Make it a little more worth while. And no I will not accept your phone number or text you without getting to know you first so don't even send bother sending it right away. Otherwise I look forward to hearing from you. Shoot me an email if you find me attractive or want to know me. Cant wait to hear from you!