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32 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 28
Eye wear:
Look closely at my green shirt. I'm 25 living in Vegas. I'm originally from Philadelphia and miss being home but Vegas will do for now. I'm big into sports. I play football, baseball, basketball and lacrosse. I'm a huge Philadelphia sports fan meaning I love my Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and Sixers! I love being outdoors! I love to hike, camp, fish, swim, hunt and all that good stuff, but unfortunately there's nothing here. Lake Mead is okay, but I would much rather be at a real beach by the ocean, not a "beach" filled with rocks and hypodermic needles. I listen to all types of music from country to rock to rap depending on my mood. I'm not big into the whole "club" scene. I've been in Vegas for a little over a year and a half and I can honestly say I have never set foot into a club and have zero intentions on doing so. I would much rather go to a bar with a few people to relax and have a few drinks. I'm also not big into gambling, so naturally I fit right in here. I do however enjoy going to the sports books here on a Saturday and Sunday during football season. My perfect day is hiking and camping for the weekend and living off the land. Yes, that means making fires by friction, no tents and the whole nine yards. I'm attracted to danger and abnormal situations. It always seems to find me and if it doesn't find me, I find it. I always challenge myself physically and always push the limits! If you act like you're from the Jersey Shore, no thanks. Also, if you live your life trying to "Keep up with the Kardashians" again no thanks. If you can't take a joke or you have little personality we will most likely not get along. If you fake tan and it shows (meaning you look like an orange crayola crayon) I'm not interested. Also, ladies you don't like it when guys send a "hey sexy" or "hey ma" or anything like that in a message. So please don't do the same (and yes it has happened, never thought it would but it has). If you have a picture flippin off the camera, hate to break it to ya but that was never cool. Not even in 8th grade. It makes you look like a complete tool and like a complete piece of garbage. You're either going to think I'm a****or I have humor by reading my profile. If I offended anyone, well that's on you. The sarcasm is supposed to make you chuckle not enrage you soooo..whoops. Please do not talk to me about politics. If you do, I'll explain to you why I think 2 chainz deserves to be in the White House. 2 CHHAAIINNZZ! Discussing politics does nothing but cause problems and drama and I tend to avoid both, so please no politics.
42 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 40
Eye wear:
First off, it's funny to me when I read "No drama" amongst the criteria in others' profiles. Why? Because EVERYBODY has some drama in their lives or will. What's important is how well it's managed and some of us could learn how to handle drama better from those who know how to keep it contained. Why limit your experiences with "No drama"? Just saying. :) That being said, I have "drama" in my life in the form of marital separation and two kids, who live with their mother. I've been separated for over two years now and the only thing holding me back from finalizing it all is time and money. The point is, that's my situation, but clearly it's my situation, not yours. I'm handling it. At the same time, there are great lessons to be learned from my situation, if you're open to hearing them. :) That being said, you can be certain I will always be honest with you, but only about what you express a willingness to hear. I'd prefer to meet people who want to hear the truth. One truth few people have been willing to hear are my views on love and relationships...and life in general sometimes. Those views compel me not to seek anything long-term in the traditional sense. However, they also demand I have deeply intimate relationships while they last. :) That being said, I'm not looking for "hookups." I'm not into completely meaningless sex. The fact of the matter is, if casual sex were an option, I'd never get any work done. Furthermore, to be very frank, I get a charge out of taking back the power and turning women down. So, if you're just looking for sex or that's about all you have to offer to the relationship, I'll probably tell you, "Good day." :) That being said, if the feeling is right, I'm not going to suppress it. However, sex is not my goal. This is going to sound odd, but I simply desire the company of attractive women on a casual dating basis because it gives me confidence - the confidence I need to succeed in my quest to self-actualize, become the best version of myself. Think of me as Mr. Grey, minus the sadomasochism, wealth (yet), contracts, and abs (again, yet). :) It takes a certain kind of woman to appreciate the type of "romance" I can provide - open-minded and fearless. She would understand how people tend to misguidedly expect certainty in others through love and marriage. She would understand I cannot offer her anything other than my sincerest friendship. The boundaries would be clear. No games. In fact, it requires both of us be very grown-up. And, ultimately, we'd get back what we put in. :) That being said, I am looking for gorgeous female friends...with the possibility for more. And really, shouldn't all of you be searching for the same? Friendship, after all, we often find out too late, should be at the core of any relationship. I'm actually working on a screenplay and book which will expound on where humanity has gone wrong in its pursuit of love throughout history. It's very philosophy, psychology heavy. :) That being said, I can just about guarantee you would enjoy your time with me as I share my thoughts and passions with you. I'm a very rational AND creative person with numerous talents and unmitigated ambition. Question is, are you the type who's truly open to new views and experiences? Or are you stuck on social norms, and worse, marginalized sensationalisms, the kind prominently portrayed in Hollywood romcoms and the like? :) That being said, please read the rest of my profile, check out some of the questions I've answered, and contact me if you meet the criteria at the bottom. FYI, if I contact you first, it's because I see something in you. What it is I can't be sure until we speak. Undoubtedly though, there's an opportunity for encouraging one another through this crazy life. :) (Many of you are probably wondering if I've had any takers and/or if I would be exclusive to one woman at a time. Why not ask and find out?)



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