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41 Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 44
Hair length:
Imma Wisconsinite... yes Imma yankee! Mmmkay... So yeah... Everybody's been hurt. Everybody's been cheated on. Everybody's knows what it's like to feel heartache and pain... loneliness and sorrow. October 22nd 2015 I lost my fiance, who I took care of, to complications of an extremely aggressive form of Leukemia(AML). So I know loss. But let's move past all that for a second... drop all the baggage and start fresh! YES... it is very scary to wear your heart on your sleeve and not have "walls" and "masks" to protect yourself... but I can promise I'm a lil different. First off... I don't chase after women like most men... I don't see the point. I think ppl have lost touch on what they should be basing their relationships on! Two people should be together because they both want to be with each other... NOT because one person sends more messages then another. I will show interest where interest is returned. If you ask me to contact you later... I will. If you tell me you'll "hit me up later"... and never do... I'll assume you no longer wish to talk and won't bother you. Too easy! I'm totally not the stalker type. More like the opposite. Because I see things a lil different than others... I'm looking for someone a lil different too. As a Christian, faith is important to me! I am incredibly silly... and have a very broad range in humor... from the goofy to the dark and twisted. I LOVE to make others laugh!! It's almost therapeutic for me. That being said... a woman that can make me laugh is sexy!! Yes... it's not all about looks for me! Although being cute is a definite plus... personality... sense of humor... and a quick witted and sharp mind adds all that much more to what I find attractive. I am 100% disease free and expect the same... or at very least be straight with me up front and we'll see. And let's not have any delusions about it ladies... a "cold sore" IS herpes!! !!! I DO NOT PLAY GAMES !!! I repeat... !!! I DO NOT PLAY GAMES !!! A couple of people from here have found that out quick... screw me around and I'll walk away quick, fast and in a hurry!! Keep any idiotic tendencies away from ANY type of relationship we might have... be it friendship or more. More than likely... the response you're trying to envoke from me will leave you sorely wanting. And hey... I don't mind a lil playful jealousy now and then... I even find it cute... but I will not let it dominate any said type relationship. Oh... and I absolutely can not stand a woman who talks about "all she wants in a man"... but cannot give back the same thing she's expecting. That immediately tells me there's immaturity and selfishness in one's thought process. If you're not gonna put 100% into ANYTHING you're doing... how can you possibly hope to get 100% back!? ** UPDATE: It's "REAL TALK" time!!! I really didn't think I'd have to add this... but... here it is! Do people here in the south even realize how racist they sound on their profiles??! Common people... show some tact! It'll say a lot more of you as person if you do. I don't have a problem with being "blunt"... but don't have a profile online for the entire world to see... and come out looking like an ignorant bigot regardless of who you prefer to date!! Oh... and if I offer you a SIMPLE and TOTALLY RESPECTFUL...COMPLIMENT... on a pic you have posted... it DOESN'T mean I wanna F*** you...... so watch your F***ing tone if you decide you're gonna respond back please... cause like I said before... I don't have a problem with being blunt! I'll be blunt right back!!! If you couldn't tell... I'm really honest and don't have patience for bu**sh** anymore... Ok... a lil about me. I got outta the Army as a Combat Medic/Army Nurse due to an injury that left me with a lil nerve damage in my back. I try not to let it slow me down too much... but I won't pretend I can do all the things I used to do. I'm an incredibly affectionate and playful individual. I can carry on a decent conversation about current events and interests... or can be "naughty" if needed....... again... just being honest. Kids and pets love me because I have a kind spirit and am gentle in nature. I'm a fan of shows like South Park and Tosh.0... and love to make fun of commercials! :-/ I'm a music junkie and listen to just about everything... but I am an 80's child!! I'm a mixture of black/white with just a pinch of Native Indian... so I can almost be as racist as I want to get outta jury duty!! ;-) I'll be the coolest Halfrican-American you'll ever meet... or at least the most unique... or your money back! I'm a true Libra...by almost any definition of the horoscope... and as we all know... Libras rock!!! We are just born awesome... and awesomeness flows through our veins!! We have no control over it so don't get mad at us about it. Just sit back... relax... and enjoy our time together!! ;-) If you even read this far... you've seen how honest I can be. If you wanna know how open I am... ask me something!!
56 Destin, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 45 - 55
Hair length:
I am looking for insecure, disingenuous, game playing women for short term, manipulative relationships. You must be willing to lie to me and waste a lot of my time. Please tell me what you think I want to hear instead of the truth and lie about what you want in return. You must be emotionally cruel and verbally abusive. If you are evasive, passive and aloof woman, that is a plus. Alcoholics, addicts, self-determined "Divas", psychos and freaks are strongly encouraged to bring their baggage into my life as I know I can rescue the world and resolve your issues or feed your insatiable ego! (You know that was a funny, right?) If you want to know more, just ask. There are so many things I like to do and each one of them is enhanced by the company I am with. Everything from a walk, a game of pool, chess, watching a movie, etc is better shared. I am not into the whole "three dates and we are planning our lives together" thing. If it is meant to be, it will be. Live, laugh and love. I am medically retired from the U.S. Army. I have been deployed 7 times in my military career, 4 were combat deployments and 2 were in emanate danger zones. I have seen and done things that no amount of therapy will ever help me forget. I have read a lot of profiles on here and one thing I have seen that is a common thread is "adventure". Whether it be live concerts, festivals, etc. I am pretty much a homebody. I do like going out and shooting a game or two of pool or darts, but it is time for me to go when it gets crowded or loud. I much prefer quiet dinners, and spending time with a small group of friends or family. I guess you can already tell I am not really good at "selling" myself. I am much better with actual conversation. You can also probably gather that I believe in telling the truth. I would much rather hear a cold hard truth than a warm and fuzzy lie because the truth will come out eventually.Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Doug
40 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 35
Hair length:
Okay so it's time to get serious so I'm completely redoing this, here goes nothing... Quick note... I'm not 6'2", I don't have blond hair, I don't have a six pack, or the gorgeous smile that would wrap up that whole package. I also am not an asshole, I won't take advantage of you or abuse you, I won't cheat on you or lie to you. I am however a gentleman that believes in chivalry. I will open doors for you, hold your hand, and tell you that you look beautiful. If either of these points made above are make or break qualities for you then please move on because these are nonnegotiable. Now that that's out of the way a little about myself. I recently moved from a three year stint in Kansas City after spending most my life in the Chicago area. So I do have that Midwest charm, probably where my chivalry comes from. I've always wanted to move to Arizona because of the weather and the amazing scenery. I'm a sucker for the mountainous/desert scenery. I come from a very close family so friends and family are both very important to me. I'm always there for friends whether it's a 6 AM Saturday morning move or helping celebrate a birthday. However I usually perform better with the later so keep that in mind. I love spending time with friends no matter what we're doing. Usually it's either a sporting event, outdoor activity, or a night out on the town. I enjoy most sports and love the outdoors (huge selling point on relocating to Arizona). I enjoy hiking and riding, camping and canoeing, and several other activities and am always up for something new. As for what I'm looking for, first and most important someone that's sweet and sincere. And as mentioned above you have to be a fan of chivalry. I won't smother you but I do my best to take care of my girl. You should be somewhat outgoing and enjoy sports and outdoor activities. Sure it's always fun cuddling up to a good movie but I'd usually rather be outside enjoying the day. Also I am at the point of my life where I am ready to meet that special someone, not that I'm looking to get engaged tomorrow. So while I am looking to meet new people I'm not a manwhore. I am thoroughly pleased at how this turned out, if I have missed anything please feel free to ask. And if you think I've done a horrible job please let me know.
53 Tallahassee, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 34 - 53
Hair length:
73 Newport News, Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 48 - 61
Hair length:
39 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 40
Hair length:
52 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 55
Hair length:
19 San Francisco, California, United States
Seeking: 18 - 26
Hair length:
65 San Antonio, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 42 - 62
Hair length:
31 Springfield, Missouri, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 38
Hair length:
37 New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 40
Hair length:
64 Muncie, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 43 - 61
Hair length:
36 Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 40
Hair length:
48 Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 41
Hair length:
56 Brunswick, Georgia, United States
Seeking: Female 36 - 46
Hair length:
54 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 63
Hair length:
61 Radcliff, Kentucky, United States
Seeking: Female 37 - 59
Hair length:



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