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Below Average Income

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50 Lynchburg, Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 45
I am a Christian; even if my life may not always exemplify the highest standard of that title, it is who I am and strive to be. You see I understand that my faith is a struggling and painful maturing process which includes both failures and successes, and not just a shiny moniker that I wear to make my Grandma smile. I would want the same in a partner and would hope that I wouldn't settle for anything else, no matter the attraction or chemistry. So if this is not important to or just something that you simply profess then maybe it would be better to look elsewhere with the best wishes in your search from me. I have never been married by my choice or by His grace, nor have do I have any kids. I am not adverse to either and actually desire both but I just haven't found the woman to fulfill that desire. Though I have accepted the fact that kids may not be in her desire or that she may already have kids, which only means I will spoil my nephews as I currently do or I will spoil hers. . Now I do enjoy a good craft beer and I agree with whoever said; "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us happy." but that isn't to say I won't enjoy a nice glass of wine on the right occasion. I love to run, especially trails but if running isn't your thing then how about a hike through the woods or a walk in the park? Understand that I am not an uber health or exercise crazy, but I do enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Plus, everyone knows the fresh air and vegetables are good for you! I love my family and even though they might be quite odd to some, they are nonetheless loved my all and can't wait for me to add to the family, any suggestions because I was thinking a puppy. I received an email telling me that I must think that "my poop don't stink", which couldn't be further from the truth because it does! I just believe in being straight forward and transparent with people and don't see the point in playing games when it comes to relationships. I am flawed but I don't know of anyone that isn't, do you? Now the "what am I looking for" portion of this craziness... Sadly, I wish I had thought of this but its still so true...."I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye" I am not looking for someone to complete me or for me to complete since only the object of my faith is capable of that, but rather someone that I can accompany and that will accompany me on exploring and experiencing this adventure called life. Confident enough in herself and her accolades yet humble enough not to stumble over either. As well doesn't allow me to rest on mine in order that we will continue to improve on ourselves together as a couple or as an individual. Driven and active in the pursuit of her goals yet have the wisdom to understand that some may have to be sacrificed to become the catalyst for one's she may have never imagined for herself. Knowledge of the world, both old and new yet with an insatiable lust to never stop learning. An imagination fueled with a fearless mischief that will respect yet explore, excite, and entertain in a way to better her as well those and the world around her. A heart with no bounds and so aware that it not only sees the needs of those close to it but also those less fortune that it may not know at all. Accept the fact that we may have aged but has always cherished and held onto the ageless wonder of a child. Because she knows that no matter what season of life we are in; that there will always be puddles to splash, sandcastles to build, leaves to dive into, and snow angels to create . Most importantly, she will help me live out a quote I learned many years ago from a man wiser than me..."The greatest tragedy in life is not what happens to you but rather what you miss...miss nothing!" Then one day we can sit back and laugh as we say "remember when we..."



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