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31 Misawa, Aomori, Japan
Seeking: Female 23 - 33
Living situation: Live Alone
instead of writing a self summary, i have decided to tell a story that probably does a better job at giving you a better idea of what im like than the standard " i like beer and outside and gym and favorite color is blue" crap. Also, on a grammar note, Im typing without my glasses, and have a bad habit of run on sentences and have no idea where to put paragraph breaks in a story. i'm in Germany on leave from Afghanistan. My older brother, who lives in Louisiana, is dating a girl from El Salvador. Said girl has a sister who chose to go to school in paris as opposed to the US. Since my brother has been seeing this girl for over 2 years and has been living with her for at least half the time, I decide to meet the sister in paris for a weekend. After a day of her taking me around to the touristy stuff we meet up with another friend of her's from el salvador, a dude named Juan. So, we go to the barish area and go to a few happy hours. The thing about happ hours in Paris is that beers still cost the equivalent of 5$ which, at the beginnign of the evening is fine, no worries. As we are sitting in the bar in which we decided to linger, whilst drinkin smokin, and jokin, me Juan and Karla(the sister) do what happy drunk people do. We became instant best friends. Unfortunately, the problem of expensive beer and fastly eclipsing happy hour rears its ugly head. But not to worry, new besties, I come from the land of drive thorugh daquires. i suggest we find a liquor store, buy a pint of something strong, and proceed to take swings whilst slowly sipping on expensive beer. My companions concede to my "wisdom". it is about this time that Juan is invited to a party in the outskirts of Paris and invites Karla and i along. Karla, being far more sensible than I, decides to go home instead. At this point she attempts to give me very complicated instructions on how to get back to my hotel. I am drunk. This does not work. So, i write my hotel address on a blank card and make sure to put it somewhere safe. Satisfied that i have a moderate chance of not getting lost in the metro system of Paris, the brains of the group goes home. Juan and I enter the Metro station. Shenanigans ensue. Obviously I have no idea how to get anywhere on my own in the Paris. Juan knows how to get around, but has never been to the location of the party. Oh and the French give about as much of a sh*tabout learnng forgein languages as americans do. also, i have no phone. As we are making our journey to the outskirts of Paris, there comes a moment where Juan and I are on a train and the door has just opened. Juan has a moment of indecision on whether we should get of the train. With no notice, he declares its the right stop. he is practically in mid leap as he says this. The safety glass on the platform shut pratically in my face, proceded swiftly by the doors of the train. Juan is on the other side of those door with a look of someone realizing they are witnessing the start of someone having a very shitty night. I have two choices. Stay on the train and likely not catching up to Juan again, thereby getting thorughly lost in Paris, drunk in the middle of the night. Or, pry the door back open and hope the train has safeties to keep the train stopped with the door open. Thank god for fail safes. however the door of the platform did not budge. I refused to become stranded! luck would have it that the only thing standing between me and a house full of strangers who only spoke broken english and free booze was only a 6 foot wall with a 10 inch gap at the top. (keep in mind i had just been in afghanistan for 6 months and was going straight back for another six. that house sounded like heaven). i tiumphantly vaulted the wall and landed next to a surprised Juan, who suggested we run incase security decided to make a stink. Ok so i glamorized a bit. the short version is: oh shit, open door, oh shit, hop wall. So yeah i got drunker and had some good laughs with Juan and his friend, then took a cab home..
40 Aurora, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 37
Living situation: Live Alone



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